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X- Caliber Shotgun & Inserts: What if Your Shotgun Could Do More Than You Thought? [PICS]

x- caliber
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With the X- Caliber firearm and inserts your shotgun can do more than scatter shot.

The key to any survival situation is the ability to adapt and keep going no matter where you are or what has happened. The X-Caliber shotgun rifle has definitely learned to adapt.

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This unique firearm made by Chiappa Firearms is a over-under shotgun rifle. That seems like nothing new right? Well this particular over-under has a variety of eight different inserts that allow it to shoot more than 12 gauge shells and .22 LR from it.

Each mini barrel is set up to shoot various caliber rounds including: .380 ACP, 9mm, .357 magnum, .38, .40 S&W, .44 magnum, .410 shells, .45 long colt, and 20 gauge shells. These not only fit the X-Caliber firearm, but are also sold separately to be used in any break barrel 12 gauge.

x- caliber

How it works

Each insert is made of high quality steel that is bored out for each caliber. They are seven inches long and are rifled for accuracy.

Using them is very simple. You pick the caliber you want, break the shotgun open, and slide it in. Load your round into the insert, snap it closed, and fire away.

The round is then pushed back some when you break the barrel back open. The inserts have little cutouts that allow you to actually get a hold of the casing to get it out the rest of the way.


The firearm comes as a single shot with a double trigger and folding stock. The rear sights are adjustable, and it has a fiber optic sight on the front. The barrel length comes in at 18.5 inches with a total length of 34.6 inches.

It is constructed of steel with a polyfoam filling in the butt of the gun. This brings the weapon's weight down to 5.8 pounds. The foam also allows storage for a cleaning kit as well as a few slots for rounds to go into.

x- caliber

I know what you are thinking, but why would I need this? This was mainly geared towards the SHTF scenario crowd as a way to use scavenged ammo. It has great wilderness survival possibilities though.

Imagine being lost for days in the middle of nowhere. With those adapters and a shotgun you have protection with 12 gauge, the ability to take large or small game for food all tucked away into one gun.

These particular items are a little pricey though. The firearm with the adapters retails at $750, and the set of adapters comes in at $450.

Overall I think this could be a pretty cool addition to the survival world. Hopefully I will be able to get a hold of one to try it out for myself soon. I'm really curious to see how accurate those little barrels can really be.




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X- Caliber Shotgun & Inserts: What if Your Shotgun Could Do More Than You Thought? [PICS]