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Wyoming Mule Deer Capture to Be Live Tweeted


The Wyoming Migration Initiative is researching the status of mule deer, and its progress will be live tweeted. 

Scientists from the University of Wyoming Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit, through their Wyoming Migration Initiative, are leading a project to capture and study mule deer, and to get more people involved in the project, their proceedings will be live tweeted.

The U.S. Geological Survey and the Wyoming Game & Fish Department will be a part of the process that aims to better illustrate the struggles of the mule-deer population in the West.

The research group has plans to conduct five separate projects this week to better understand the struggles of the mule-deer population. A contracted crew will capture the deer via helicopter and bring them back to a lab for research. The subjects’ blood will be tested for pregnancy, deer will be given body-fat tests and some will get a tracking collar installed.

“There has always been interest in the capture operation,” Matt Kaufman, leader of the Cooperative Fish and Wildlife  Research Unit, told reporters. “It’s one of the few times in the research process we have the animals on hand.”

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Depending on the weather, the project should take about a week to complete, and any updates available will be live tweeted.

“At minimum, we figure we would live tweet and send pictures and information about the captures and studies, and by giving it the ‘wyodeer’ hashtag, it gives opportunities for other groups who are actively working with mule deer to join the conversation,” Kaufman added. “There’s also the opportunity for the public to listen to the conversation and join in.”

Track the progress on Twitter and Facebook.

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Wyoming Mule Deer Capture to Be Live Tweeted