Wyoming Fish and Game Reminding Shed Hunters of Antler Collecting Regulations

Shed hunting is prohibited before April 30 on public lands west of Continental Divide. 

As mid-winter hits and deer, elk and moose start dropping their antlers, Wyoming's Game and Fish Department is taking the time to remind shed hunters of the state's shed hunting restrictions.

Like many western states, Wyoming has regulations in place designed to protect animals from undue stress during the tough winter months. Antler collecting is prohibited on public lands west of the Continental Divide until April 30. This includes state and federal land.

Shed hunters should also be aware of restrictions on vehicle use or for simple human presence in big game wintering areas in counties like Teton or Sublette.

The same rules also apply to anyone looking to collect horns from pronghorn antelope, bighorn sheep or mountain goats.

Many western states have enacted shed hunting regulations in recent years to protect wintering animals. While some Wyoming shed hunters will have to wait a little longer before heading out, the Equality State hasn't gone quite as far as Utah, which introduced an online course earlier this year that shed hunters must pass before hitting the field.

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