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Wyoming Elk Hunters Seek Redemption

Two seasoned Wyoming elk hunters give it another try after missing their first opportunity. It's a drama of mistakes and redemption.

World elk calling champions, Corey Jacobsen and Dirk Durham, are each after a bit of redemption. Two years ago they failed to fill their tags. That's been gnawing at them ever since. This year they hunt the backcountry of Wyoming, calling elk on a DIY public land hunt.

The first 24 hours of hunting is a cornucopia of mistakes and missed shots. I like that they show their screw-ups. But things aren't looking great for the guys.

The country is absolutely beautiful. Stunning aspen groves, rushing streams and blue skies, and elk all around them. The hiking appears relatively easy. It's a paradise.

Then the final, killing shot that Jacobsen! Everything came together so perfectly. Durham walked back behind Jacobsen and began calling. They spotted the bull almost immediately and it came running, almost nonstop. It didn't even see Corey, who was standing next to a small sapling at full draw. It practically ran him over. He released his arrow at what looked like two to three yards.

The bull ran back the way it had come, and piled up in plain view in the shooting lane. It all happened so quickly, so smoothly. "That...was epic!" exclaims Jacobsen. Yes, it was.

This video is expertly filmed and edited. They've done a really fine job of putting this piece together and of telling a good story. Failure followed by success. Heartache and despair followed by joy and excitement. An unfilled tag followed by field dressing and full game bags.

"Regardless of how you leave an elk hunt, for the next eleven months the elk hunt never leaves you."

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Wyoming Elk Hunters Seek Redemption