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Wyoming Elk Harvest Continues Impressive Run

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department has reported yet another stellar year for elk hunters.

An estimated harvest of nearly 26,000 elk has been reported by Game and Fish, which falls only slightly behind the 2012 record of 26,968 animals taken.

The large harvest is due in part to some fine hunting weather, along with an increased wapiti population as a result of favorable habitat conditions.

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The outstanding take is also credited to assistance provided by the Wyoming legislature. The lawmakers working alongside the Fish and Game Commission put legislation into effect two years ago allowing the harvest of up to three elk in some areas.

Funding has also been provided to allow hunters greater access to areas where population numbers are above established sustainable norms.

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation has been a tremendous asset as well, providing hundreds of thousands of dollars for habitat improvements, plus additional funds for hunter access.

Hunter success has been slated at above 40 percent for the past five years, with an impressive 45 percent put on the books for 2013.

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Chief Game Warden Brian Nesvik said “Increased elk harvest and hunter opportunity is a testament to how we can be effective in accomplishing both objectives when sportsmen, landowners, sporting organizations and the Game and Fish work together.”

How was your elk season this year? Tell us about it in the comments section.


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Wyoming Elk Harvest Continues Impressive Run