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Wyoming Elk Antler Auction Pulls In a Record Lot

An annual charitable elk antler auction nearly tripled the normal haul.

Wyoming’s 2014 Elkfest earned $233,613.75 off of 13,698 pounds of elk antlers, as reported by the Jackson Hole News & Guide.

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It’s a record for the event, nearly tripling the ten year averages.

The National Elk Refuge and the local Jackson Hole chapter of Boy Scouts are partners in the auction, with the refuge seeing 75% of the proceeds. The Scouts were said to have devoted thousands of hours to collecting and organizing the antlers ahead of time.

Having broken the record in its 47th annual event, the organizers and beneficiaries of Elkfest are pleasantly surprised at the rise in popularity and money spent.

Elkfest attracted 127 bidders from 29 states, some of whom spent upwards of $20-$30 per pound, the News & Guide said. One non-typical sold for $38 a pound.

The average yearly proceeds earned valued at $84,876, which raises the question, why have elk antlers become so popular?

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And why are antlers or mounts from game animals becoming such sought after commodities? Are they desired for decor, status or conversation pieces?

They’re even spilling into pop culture, as evidenced with Twitter’s @CrapTaxidermy.

Whatever the reason, it’s great news for the refuge and the Jackson Hole chapter of the Boy Scouts.

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Wyoming Elk Antler Auction Pulls In a Record Lot