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Wyoming City Planning Urban Deer Hunts

urban deer
Travis Smola

Sheridan Wyoming is looking to once again cull deer from within the city limits

Many towns and cities in Wyoming have problems with urban deer populations.

The Sheridan police department has announced plans for more hunting and removal programs for urban deer with growing populations. The animals cause damage to residences’ plants and landscaping and can bring about an increase in car-vehicle accidents.

The department has been working on various programs to keep the deer population in check since 2007. If you’re a hunter in the area, you can help out and register at the police department for the chance to bowhunt within the city limits.

Police officers trained in hunting will hunt deer with rifles. The goal of the department is not to totally eliminate the deer, but to reduce population numbers.

“We harvested 100 deer in 2012, close to 100 in 2013 and then we backed off last year because our goal is not to remove every deer in the city limits,” Sheridan Lt. Travis Koltiska told the Sheridan Press. “Our goal is reduce the conflicts that occur.”

The department took only 40 deer in 2014. They still have to take a survey of the population, but it’s likely they could take up to 100 again this year.

Damage to people’s property isn’t the only reason Sheridan is looking to decrease their deer population. The animals can, on occasion, become aggressive with people and pets. There’s also the possibility of bringing in mountain lions or other predators into the city limits.

The Sheridan Press reports the department had to shoot three mountain lions within the city limits in the last five years.

The Sheridan Police Department will use officers trained in hunting to take deer in low-density population areas of the city. The meat from taken animals will be distributed to food banks and other non-profit organizations.

Most of the city is in support of the programs even though many enjoy seeing the deer in town.

“They understand the reasons that we are doing this,” Koltiska told reporters. “I love seeing the deer in town, and I know a lot of people like that. But they understand what happens when there are too many.”

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Wyoming City Planning Urban Deer Hunts