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Wyoming Black Bear Chases Down Lost Cow on Side of the Road

Stuff like this is not what anyone would expect to see.  

In a rather breaking video that just started circulating around the web from Wyoming Trout Guides Fly Shop, a Wyoming black bear is caught on camera chasing down a rancher's lost cow on the side of the road. Incredibly, the fly fisherman who recorded this video was just driving along on the way to the river when this shocking video was captured.

What you are about to see is a little graphic. Stuff like this is normally seen on the likes of cable television and nature shows. Use caution with little kids.

Yeah, pretty crazy right? I've seen minks and even a fox chase down smaller animals while out on the water but never have I seen anything like that. However, we all know black bears eat plants, berries, and animals, but to see a bear take down an animal many don't associate as a food source just shows how opportunistic bears really are.

A big division has emerged from the comments from the above video. Two sides are clearly on display. One says the bear is at fault, one side says the rancher is at fault.

Who's side are you on?


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Wyoming Black Bear Chases Down Lost Cow on Side of the Road