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WWII German Helmet Proves Shockingly Worthless in Bullet Test

german helmet vs. bullets

Just how good were those World War II helmets, anyway?

YouTuber Mike B tests a Finnish helmet made to German WWII specifications (don't worry; it's not a priceless piece of history) against bullets of that time so you can see just how good those old German World War Two helmets really were.

This ballistic test has a Finnish helmet built to German World War Two standards as the test subject. It is being tested against bullet threats from the same time period.

First off is the 9mm pistol round, which does a good job getting through one side of that helmet. Next tested is the .45 ACP caliber. It leaves one massive dent ni this helmet, but the wearer would likely have survived the impact. The hot 7.62x25mm Tokarev bullet goes through one side with no problems. Each rifle tested blew right through both sides of the useless headwear. This steel helmet is not having a good day, and neither would the wearer during World War Two.

The helmets of World War Two were not the tough helmets we know of today, unable to stop even a 9mm pistol round.

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WWII German Helmet Proves Shockingly Worthless in Bullet Test