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Wrestling Match with Croc Ends Badly (but Still Luckily) for Danish Tourist


Turns out trying to body slam a freshwater crocodile is a bad idea. Who knew?

A Danish backpacker named Johnny Bonde was bitten by a freshwater crocodile in Australia. Apparently, he was trying to take a photo of the croc at Lake  Kununurra in Northern Western Australia. Trying to get as close as he could, Bonde slipped and fell on the 2.5 meter crocodile. That’s a little over eight feet of teeth and scales that didn’t enjoy being interrupted in the middle of a nap.

When asked, Johnny took full responsibility for the resulting attack. “It was the result of me being stupid,” he said. He also sided with the crocodile, saying, “If somebody body slammed me at night, I would be angry too.”

The crocodile was angry indeed as it latched onto his arm and gave him a good shake. This all happened for a photo while he was walking back from the local Speedway. Seeing the crocodile laying on a bank bottom, he couldn’t resist getting closer.

After managing to crawl out of the ditch, he noticed all of the blood. Ignoring his injuries, he made it back to the campground he was staying at with his girlfriend, where, unsurprisingly, he continued to bleed. He tried to ignore it but his girlfriend was worried.

Eventually, he was taken to the hospital and treated for the deep lacerations in his forearm, which you can see in the photo below. Totally worth it for that sick selfie… right?


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Wrestling Match with Croc Ends Badly (but Still Luckily) for Danish Tourist