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Wrestler Shawn Michaels is One of Us! [PICS]

Shawn Michaels, “The Heartbreak Kid”, is not only a retired wrestler who did amazing moves in wresting, but is also a die hard hunter! 

Retiring from WWE in 2010, he has become a top hunter and family man.

MRA Hunting


After leaving WWE, he became a big part of MacMillan River Adventures, bring the show back to the Outdoor Channel. With God, family, country and hunting in his very core of his being, Mr. Michaels has done quite well for himself, his family and the hunting community.

PW Mania


MacMillan River Adventures, or “MRA Hunting,” has become a huge show for the Outdoor Channel, and has become the main outdoor pursuit of this super athlete. Before long, we may not be remembering him like this photo below, and instead we’ll remember him as a hunter.

Wrestling Media

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Wrestler Shawn Michaels is One of Us! [PICS]