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Wow! Watch This Huntress Get Extremely Close to a Bull Elk

Photo by: Chantelle Bartsch

"I was completely camouflaged and scent free when we started calling this bull elk in." 

During a recent outing in Vancouver Island, British Columbia huntress Chantelle Bartsch and her husband got an awesome visit from a big bull elk.

"I have learned the sounds animals make," said Chantelle. "This particular conversation was making ourselves sound like a lost cow elk, and a cow elk in estrous. The excited bull elk reciprocated quickly with a chuckle and chirp."

Before they knew it, the bull was only feet from Chantelle as she rushed to snap a few pictures. Chantelle told us that the only reason the bull elk ran off was because her camera made a noise.

Now that is one close encounter!

"My husband and I often do stuff like this with all animals including bears, wolves, and cougars," says Chantelle. "It thrills me when I can talk to animals."

The epic video was shot by her husband who was hiding approximately 25 feet away. Once the elk left, the two hunters celebrated the occasion with a few fist bumps and hugs.

If you thought this video was cool, then be sure to visit and cast your vote for Chantelle Bartsch. She is a finalist and would love a little extra push from all our followers at Wide Open Spaces.

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Wow! Watch This Huntress Get Extremely Close to a Bull Elk