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Wounds of War Healed Through Hunting [VIDEO]

War can leave both visible and invisible wounds on a veteran and sometimes the internal ones are the hardest to deal with, but many organizations have found a therapy that works – hunting.

The Life Adventure Center in Woodford County, Kentucky has found that hunting can be very therapeutic for everyone and they use it to help veterans.

The video says it all.

Many organizations have programs that focus on veterans and trying to assist them through emersion in the outdoors. The program offered by The Life Adventure Center (LAC) goes a step further and attempts to turn healing soldiers into healers themselves, and tries to build an ongoing relationship focused on mentoring.

This focus on mentoring is what has caught the attention of the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) in Kentucky. This year, the NWTF will be partnering with LAC to build that mentor relationship back in the communities of these veterans by introducing them to local hunters and other outdoorsmen to further the healing process.

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Wounds of War Healed Through Hunting [VIDEO]