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Wounded Warriors Climb 12,800’ to Gannett Peak in Wyoming

Warriors to Summits

A team of wounded veterans climbed to the summit of Gannett Peak to show there are no barriers for those who served.

A band of veteran wounded warriors ascended 12,800 feet to the top of Gannett Peak in Wyoming in an awe inspiring feat by those who served our nation.

The Warriors to Summits program is designed to "unleash the potential of the human spirit" and serve as an opportunity for growth in the community of our brave men and woman that served in the armed forces.

Many of those wounded veterans are transitioning their lives through the difficulty of the disabilities they suffered in battle.

Look on the faces of the bravest of the brave, listen to their story, and be amazed at how they never give up.

Through effort, desire, and the peak of discipline these veteran warriors prove again and again how puny the problems we all face truly are.

When you hear terms like prosthetic limbs, PTSD, traumatic brain injury, reconstructive surgery, and shrapnel burns do you really feel like complaining about that morning commute anymore?

1Warriors to Summits

Mark Yearsley, U.S. Air Force veteran said "When I lost my leg, I went into a bad place. And I came out of that, but I'm still struggling with some stuff and I think that doing this summit will help me overcome a lot of that -- it'll give me the courage I need to move forward."

Army veteran, Jim Stanek Jr. added, "For me it's about honoring those that lost their lives in 9/11."

It was fitting that the Warriors to Summits project along with their sister group No Barriers Warriors reached the Gannett Peak summit on September 11, 2015.

Images via Warriors to Summits


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Wounded Warriors Climb 12,800’ to Gannett Peak in Wyoming