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Wounded North Carolina Veteran Able to Fish Again with Donated All-Terrain Wheelchair

This wounded army specialist loves to fish. His combat injuries had left him sidelined until now.

In 2012, William Stewart’s life would be changed when he was critically wounded in a mortar attack while serving in Afghanistan. After nearly a year of rehab, Stewart made it home and was surprised with a newly remodeled, handicap assessable home and an electric wheelchair with “all-terrain” tracks so he would still be able to get outdoors.

The help for this brave soldier didn’t stop there, however. Operation North State, an organization that helps injured vets, took things a step further.

You see, there’s not much that comes before Stewart’s love of fishing, something he was left unable to physically participate in with the injuries he had sustained.

“Next to God, country, and family, William Stewart will tell you he loves fishing.” reports ABC 11 News out of Raleigh, North Carolina.

“Fishing was a 2-man job because while he can cast a line, he couldn’t reel it in” the article goes on to say.

This is where Opertaion North State and the organizaiton’s founder Terry Snyder stepped in. The organization delivered three high-tech electric motor fishing reels to Stewart.

“It’s got a trigger on it so Will can put his hands on it and cast just like he normally would do. It’s got a lot of horsepower to it,” said James Wilburn, Stewart’s stepdad.

Stories such as these tug at the heart strings of those who, like Stewart, love the outdoors. Being physically unable to participate in the things that we love is a scary thought, but there are thousands of our outdoor brothers and sisters who have served that face these challenges on a daily basis.

Be thankful for those who serve and the next time you get a chance, let them know that you are.


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Wounded North Carolina Veteran Able to Fish Again with Donated All-Terrain Wheelchair