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Wounded Mule Deer Spotted with Lodged Arrow

wounded mule deer

A wounded mule deer was spotted in the suburbs of Monrovia with an arrow lodged in his neck. 

California Fish and Wildlife say the buck does not have a lethal injury. The wounded mule deer has a flesh wound that is nothing more than an annoyance.

In fact, the mule deer buck eluded the California game wardens who attempted to tranquilize it and remove the arrow.

This is a good reminder to hunters to make the best shot possible on game animals. Adequate practice must go into preparation when archery hunting. Some are speculating that this buck was not even shot by a hunter. This is because it appears that a field tip is on the end of the arrow.

Whatever the case may be, this gives hunters a bad reputation in front of a crowd who may not know anything about hunting, or those who already have a bad perspective of hunters.

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Wounded Mule Deer Spotted with Lodged Arrow