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Wounded Boar Attacks Forest Ranger [VIDEO]

Watch as a wounded boar attacks a forest ranger in Germany in this video.

Though not normally aggressive towards humans, wild hogs can be dangerous if cornered or injured, as this video by The Shooting Show can attest.

A few other interesting hunting videos:

Hunting wild hogs, especially in close quarters or with hounds, can get pretty exciting. I’ve hunted hogs for years in Texas and Georgia and I can attest that pound for pound, wild hogs are some of the strongest animals out there and hunting them can get pretty exciting in a hurry.

Especially when hunting a potentially dangerous animal like a wounded boar, the old adage that “anything worth shooting once is worth shooting twice” is especially true. Always be ready for a follow up shot. This German forest ranger was both lucky and good and emerged from this meeting unscathed. However, things often go wrong and a big boar can really do a number on an unsuspecting hunter so it’s not uncommon to hear about people getting injured by hogs.

The moral of the story is to always be extremely careful when hunting hogs and don’t be afraid to shoot more than once.

Do you know anyone who has been attacked by a wild boar? Share the details in the comment section below.

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Wounded Boar Attacks Forest Ranger [VIDEO]