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Wounded Bear Almost Catches Hunter [VIDEO]

A group of hunters in Armenia in pursuit of a wounded bear quickly found the tables turned when the bear chases one of their own.

No hunter relishes having to track a wounded animal, especially a wounded bear. When that animal can reach sizes upwards of 1,000 pounds and has razor sharp claws and teeth, the job becomes extremely dangerous.

Just ask the hunter who found himself running from a large, wounded, and angry brown bear in this video. Easy animal recoveries are what every hunter hopes for instead.


The quality is pretty poor, but once the action starts, it isn’t difficult to see what is happening. The man being chased is lucky that all he had to do, after his fellow hunters finally downed the bear, was get a fresh pair of pants. If he had been caught, his injuries would have been severe.

Don’t be surprised to see this guy on the Armenian Olympic team as a sprinter in the next summer games. I doubt anyone in Armenia has ever run faster.

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Wounded Bear Almost Catches Hunter [VIDEO]