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Would You Take This Frontal Shot on This Bull Elk?

Let the debate begin! Hunter drops bull in less than 10 seconds, yet many will argue it was an unethical shot. What is your thoughts?

A screaming bull elk yards from your face has to be one of the most exhilarating experiences a hunter can have. This man finds that out and then makes an incredible frontal shot to bring the beast down.

Although he succeeds and the animal expires in the camera frame within 10 seconds, many people are complaining that he should have not attempted the shot.

Of course, many come out of the woodwork to voice their opinion on things like this. What would you do?

Release the arrow or not release the arrow is the question.

Many factors come into play obviously. Depending on your confidence, experience, and your equipment you should be able to make a wise decision.

The footage is incredible, and kudos to this hunter for making a great shot. It is obvious he was comfortable with the scenario and he put the arrow right where it needed to be.

The hunt will be an everlasting memory that he will never forget and probably never be able to top as well. It is hard to argue the shot when the animal is in the dirt in less than 10 seconds, but you will have those people screaming that he made a mistake.

Ethical or not ethical, would you take this shot?


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Would You Take This Frontal Shot on This Bull Elk?