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Would You Shoot a 3D Printed .357 Magnum Pistol?

3D printed .357 magnum pistol

Are you brave enough to pull the trigger on this 3D-printed .357 Magnum?

This 3D-printed .357 Magnum chambered pistol already blew up once.

Witness the firing of this unique one-of-a-kind pistol and see if it survives.

YouTuber Guy In A Garage has taken on a build that certainly could be very dangerous. He built a homemade .357 Magnum pistol.

This homemade pistol named the Songbird is chambered in the mighty high pressure .357 Magnum cartridge. His first firing caused major damage to this DIY 3D printed pistol. After gluing up the split areas and a couple zip ties added he is willing to fire this weapon again.

Would you fire this homemade pistol? We value our body parts enough never to try this ever and urge our readers never to also. The life you save may be your own.


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Would You Shoot a 3D Printed .357 Magnum Pistol?