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Would You Dare to Remove a Hook from This Mouth?

Thai fishermen, I assure you, did not expect to catch this sea monster when they woke up that morning for an every day routine.

This monster of the deep that was caught by Thai fishermen, possibly an eel or what is known as a viperfish, is an extremely rare breed and has enormous fang-like teeth that you certainly would not want to put your hand close to.

The paleness of the eel-like fish can imply that it typically lives in the ocean deep where sunlight is absent.

The irony of this story is that literally days earlier Japanese men caught a rare megamouth shark in a fishing net.

In the video, it shows the fisherman prodding the freaky looking creature, but you just never know the capabilities some of these creatures may have especially when very few of them are ever seen. This is shown when they stick the object in its mouth and it begins chomping it relentlessly.

One thing is for certain, you definitely don’t want to jump in the pool with one of these alien-like creatures.

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Would You Dare to Remove a Hook from This Mouth?