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Would You Largemouth Bass Fish in Alligator-Infested Water? They Did!

largemouth bass
Scott Martin

Some people are willing to do whatever it takes to land a monster largemouth bass, are you?

Depending on where you live, largemouth bass aren't the only things swimming in the water where you're fishing.

Watch these diehard bass anglers risk it all to catch some monster bass in alligator-infested water.

Nice work gentlemen. Can't say I'd be that brave!

For those anglers who want to have a kayak that's dedicated to bass fishing, check out the Big Rig from Jackson Kayak, it's simply incredible. To say the very least, this kayak was clearly designed by anglers for anglers, no doubt about it.

largemouth bass fishing, jackson kayak
Jackson Kayak

Even though the Big Rig can be customized to fit your exact fishing needs, it comes ready to rock the water with everything from a super comfy seat to a movable Ram mounts to connect all of your gear to. As the name suggests, the Big Rig is a beast, making it the perfect kayak for anglers who want to stand while casting and fighting fish. It's stable design will fend well on country lakes or even off-shore fishing adventures.

Check out the Big Rig at a local dealer to see all of its sweet features in person, it's really that badass!

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Would You Largemouth Bass Fish in Alligator-Infested Water? They Did!