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Would You Carry This Knife Around?

would you carry this knife
Image via Screenshot

While it looks really cool in this short clip we have to wonder, would you carry this knife?

At first glance this knife looks absolutely amazing. The blade looks really nice, and it comes in a housing that’s even more impressive. But we do wonder just how feasible it would be to actually carry this knife.

Now a couple of things to keep in mind when deciding if you would carry this knife would be the legality issue, and the practicality issue. Because it’s an assisted opening blade there are many states and places where it would actually be illegal to carry.

Should you decide it’s legal, you then have to wonder how practical it actually is. Do you really want it to look like you are pulling a gun every time you need to use your knife? If so, this is the blade for you!

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Would You Carry This Knife Around?