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If a Shark Attacked Your Paddleboard, Would You Be This Calm?

Luckily, the man on the paddleboard walked away with nothing but an incredible story. 

So I’m pretty much terrified of the ocean. Growing up in central Indiana, the movie “Jaws” was about as close as I got to saltwater for years. It’s safe to say it marked me. Today, I’ve been in the Gulf, Atlantic, and Pacific and caught fish out of all three.

One thing I havn’t done? Swim. I will not freaking swim in the ocean. Do you know why? Well, as you are about to see, this guy getting knocked off his paddleboard by a shark is all the more proof I need to tell me to not go in the water.

How would feel if you were just kicking it on your paddleboard and some shark just flew out of the water right by your head? The guy in the video seemed to think it was pretty cool.

Yeah, so holy crap. Luckily, nothing happened. Had that guy been on a surfboard or dangling his legs in the water, instead of on top of his paddleboard, he may have lost a limb. Either way, it’s a boat or nothing for me.

I’m good here in Indiana. Keep me as far away from that crap as you can.



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If a Shark Attacked Your Paddleboard, Would You Be This Calm?