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Would-Be Burglars Crash Vehicle into Gun Store, Get Stuck

Fox 4 News

Thieves' plan thwarted by old-fashioned security system.

A gun store owner in Garland, Texas has his father to thank for security measures put in place over 20 years ago.

When Paul Peddle took over ownership of the B & S Guns store from his father, he likely never suspected that a group of would-be burglars would attempt to gain entrance to his store by ramming a stolen vehicle through the front door.

His father on the other hand, who opened the store in 1993, made sure to cover all of his bases. Literally.

In the video, viewers will see three would be burglars attempting to back a stolen SUV through the front door of the store, quickly load the vehicle full of firearms, and make a quick getaway. But before they can gain an unwelcome entrance to the store, the burglars run into a small road block.

The video shows the stolen SUV make three attempts at running over what the burglars believe appears to be a decorative stone column near the door. However, unbeknownst to them, at least at first, the column turns out to be a steel beam buried six feet into the concrete. The steel post protrudes about three feet out of the concrete and was covered in decorative stone to match the front of the building.

Each attempt to knock down the small stone column becomes increasingly more aggressive. On the third attempt, with a high amount of speed, the burglars end up getting their vehicle hung up on the steal post and are unable to move it, even attempting at one point to push the vehicle by hand.

The steel post was completely unaffected by the events, other than the loss of it's decorative cover. Store owner, Paul Peddle, made sure the store was open for business that very day following the 3 AM attempted break in and explained that he'll simply recover the post with new stone and carry on.


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Would-Be Burglars Crash Vehicle into Gun Store, Get Stuck