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Worst Possible Thing to Find at Your Window

Worst thing to find out your window? That would be two huge pythons!

A nightmare to most, this family hears knocking at the window and what they find is very unexpected. Two relatively large pythons were hanging from their house gutter and knocking against the window.

If you dare to watch, feast your eyes on these slithery snakes as this home owner keeps the camera rolling.

Mating, fighting, or just hanging out...we are not sure. We will let the masses argue over that. What we do know is that this would be enough to cause some screeches, choice words, and possibly some soiled underwear in a lot of homes.

Of course, this video garnered a lot of social media attention and was followed by a thousand snake experts arguing what exactly the snakes were doing.

Most arguments ended in the "I don't care what they are doing, just get them away from my house" answer.

But one fellow came in like a wrecking ball and left us with a statement of pure gold.

Myles Ripley stated "This Is the 'Northern Gutter Python'. They are known for being extremely territorial over certain types of semicircular galvanized, powder coated steel, in this case both males are trying to secure the same patch of gutter, probably because they can get ABC2 in that spot."

All jokes aside though, I hope this is never something I find in my gutters.

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Worst Possible Thing to Find at Your Window