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Here’s The Quickest Way to Do the Worst Part of Field Dressing

quickest way to field-dress game

This is your new best friend – the easiest and quickest way to complete the worst part of field dressing.

If you’re using any other method, you’re losing time and energy. This tool is called the Butt Hook Combo because it removes the anal canal in under a minute without tainting your meat.

Removing the anal canal is a critical part of the field dressing process, and it certainly isn’t most people’s cup of tea. Doing it with a hunting knife can be tricky, especially for those who haven’t been hunting for a very long time.

The Butt Hook Combo is made to fit animals such as deer, goats, and other large game. The other part of the combo, the Gut Hook, contains a removable utility knife and has a molded handle which makes it easy to grip for precise movements.

At only 5.7 inches, this tool can easily get lost if you set it on the ground so it comes in a easy-to-see, bright orange color.

It’s ingenious tools like these that make us glad we hunted in the time period we did. It’s not like our grandfathers ever had a Butt Hook Combo!

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Here’s The Quickest Way to Do the Worst Part of Field Dressing