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Meet the World's Youngest Alligator Wrangler [PICS]

Images via David Caird/Newspix/Daily Mail

You won a stand-off with a bee today? Well, this kid wrangles alligators.

Meet the world's youngest wildlife ranger. His face says it all: Charlie Parker is an incredibly confident kid, who will likely grow up to be the next Steve Erwin.

In these pictures, taken from an article on the Daily Mail, Parker wrestles a North American alligator named Gump. The duo will probably grow up to be the best of friends.


Parker easily handles animals most people would never even touch.


Talk about no fear. But Charlie is not an anomaly, his family has been involved with the Ballarat Wildlife Park in Victoria, Australia for years.



He is being raised to respect animals and have an interest in them rather than fear them.


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Meet the World's Youngest Alligator Wrangler [PICS]