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Is This The World’s Worst Place to Hunt? [VIDEO]

We could barely believe our eyes and ears watching this one, y’all.

Every year at the beginning of fall, and oftentimes much sooner, deer hunters get out in the woods to scout, hang treestands, and look for possible threats to their hunt. Bagging a deer takes a lot of due diligence as well as patience, so imagine if all of that went to waste because of some ornery jerks who don’t know a single bit of hunting etiquette.

That’s the story of YouTube user JaseHunter, who hunts out of Northeastern Pennsylvania, and had one heck of a terrible start to his season back in 2011. You’ll find characters of every variety in this one:

  • The guy who drives his truck right up to the stand
  • The guy who drives an ATV everywhere, claiming to be disabled
  • The guy who brings out airhorns to scare your deer away

It’s hard to believe you could get this trifecta into one video, but JaseHunter was able to do just that in only two days. Watch the video below to see this absurdity.

What in the heck is the problem around there? Are people uneducated, or just downright rude? We’re leaning toward the latter, as it’s obvious by JaseHunter’s note in the video that the Game Wardens never came out, so perhaps these folks know they can get away with their awful behavior.

There’s not much you can do in these situations if the warden refuses to come and address the issue. JaseHunter did the right thing by not engaging with these folks anymore than he had to. People like that are always looking for a fight.

Have you ever had to deal with a hunting situation like this? Would you have reacted differently than JaseHunter? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Is This The World’s Worst Place to Hunt? [VIDEO]