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The World's Smallest Centerfire Semi-Automatic Pistol [VIDEO]

This little pistol is a true mouse gun.

This tiny pistol fires an even tinier 2.7mm Kolibri centerfire cartridge with a three grain bullet.

This little semi-automatic pistol is the smallest ever made.

A powerhouse this little pistol is definitely not.

This pistol is the smallest centerfire semi-automatic pistol ever made. Firing the tiny 2.7mm Kolibri cartridge, the muzzle velocity is about 650 FPS and the muzzle energy is a flat three foot pounds at the muzzle.

Mosquitoes look out. There is a new sheriff in town.

Around a thousand of these little pistols were made from 1910-1914. This pistol is a true work of art but not the gun you want for personal protection under any circumstance.


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The World's Smallest Centerfire Semi-Automatic Pistol [VIDEO]