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World’s Largest Photo is Sweet Shot of Europe’s Highest Peak [Video]

inwhite by Filippo Blengini on

Europe’s highest mountain now boasts being the focus of the world’s largest photo. A five-person international expedition suffered through -10°C temperatures on majestic Mont Blanc in order to snap the panoramic view.

Photographer Filippo Blengini led the two-week excursion in 2014, and his recently published record-holding picture weighs in at a massive 365 gigapixels.

If the awesome panoramic shot of Mount Blanc were to be printed out in 300dpi, the resulting image would be large enough to cover a soccer field.


Filippo Blengini

The actual shooting took more than 35 hours, and the team took 70,000 individual photographs to compile the final project.

Mount Blanc
Filippo Blengini

Keep in mind that one gigapixel equals one billion pixels. That makes Blengini’s opus a stunning three-hundred and sixty-five billion pixels!

Check out a full 365-gigapixel photograph for yourself through an interactive viewer on the project’s website.

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World’s Largest Photo is Sweet Shot of Europe’s Highest Peak [Video]