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World’s Largest Cast Net Toss [VIDEO]

cast net toss

Watch an angler make the world’s largest cast net toss in this incredible video.

Most cast nets measure a few feet in diameter and are tough enough to cast accurately. With enough practice, it begins to become second nature and bad throws become less and less frequent.

However, it is still an impressive feat to watch someone perform well. When you make that cast net absolutely massive, the feat becomes even more jaw dropping.

The huge 40-foot spread that the angler in this video manages with the massive net would certainly catch a whole lot of bait. It would only take a toss or two of that net to fill your bait buckets for a very long day of fishing.

Now I want to see this angler perform the same feat on the water with a school of baitfish swimming by. The dry land run is a great way to practice and it doesn’t look like this particular angler would have any trouble doing the same thing while actually trying to catch fish.

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World’s Largest Cast Net Toss [VIDEO]