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The World’s First Women’s-Only Gun Forum Has Been Launched [PICS]

All photos via the The Women's Gun Zone

At last, women have their own online gun forum, in a world-first launched earlier this week.

The Women’s Gun Zone is the brainchild of NRA handgun instructor Carrie Lightfoot, creator of The Well Armed Woman website.

When Lightfoot decided to purchase a firearm a few years ago, she realized how few resources were available online that were specifically tailored to female gun owners.


Her website was a great success, inspiring her to also pen a book on concealed carry for women.

The Women’s Gun Zone is an extension of this resource, providing a private space for women to discuss issues such as how to get into shooting, how to choose the right firearm and holster, as well topics on concealed carry and home protection, keeping your children safe around guns, legal issues surrounding gun ownership, and even competitive and tactical training.


There is no cost to register, and subscribers have the option to share photos, videos and news of their shooting adventures, and join dedicated sub-groups, including several for those working in the firearms industry, in law enforcement and the military, as well as mature female gun owners and hunters.

In her welcome post on the forum, Lightfoot says:

Hello and welcome to The Women’s Guns Zone! Here we hope you will find answers to your questions, grow as a shooter, share your passion and make friends with your Sisters In Arms! Until now, there has been nothing like The Women’s Gun Zone. Finally, we have our own community with none of the frustrations of typical social media. Now, all of the great information, comments and sharing stays put and is always easy to find.

It is a woman only community, so you can feel comfortable asking and answering question or sharing photos and there is no risk that any anti-gun policy will remove an informational thread or shut our community down.

In less than a week of being launched, the online community already has hundreds of members, with women flocking to the site to support and participate in the forums.

All photos via The Women’s Gun Zone

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The World’s First Women’s-Only Gun Forum Has Been Launched [PICS]