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World’s Fastest Shooter vs Bumpfire: Who’s Faster? [VIDEO]

Can a mere mortal outshoot an innovative piece of equipment?

Fast, fun, loud; these are all things that describe one of the fastest semi-auto rifle shooters in the world.

Jerry Miculek is a brilliant, and ahead of our time king of shooting prowess.

So who is faster? The bumpfire stock or the real-live shooter?

Seriously though. Who would win in a race? The Bumpfire Stock or Jerry? Eric, Iraqveteran8888, decided to put it to the test and see who is the greatest.


And the winner is: It was too fast to tell!

Unfortunately, Eric did outrun Jerry, but it was really close.

One of the things that Eric does point out in the video is that you don’t need a full auto gun to lay down a lot of accurate fire at high rates.

Jerry was able to do it and still keep a nice grouping; while using the bumpfire stock, Eric was all over the target. So being able to control your rifle, no matter how fast you shoot, is key.

Speaking of, how fast was that? According to the timer, 1.39 seconds.

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World’s Fastest Shooter vs Bumpfire: Who’s Faster? [VIDEO]