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Is This the World’s Fastest Deer Butcher? [VIDEO]

Thought you were the world’s fastest deer butcher? Think again.

This guy is able to take a skinned and gutted deer from carcass to ready-to-wrap in just over six minutes.

Watch the video to see a really fast deer butcher in action. Just don’t blink or he’ll be on to the next deer.

He slices… he dices… he cuts up a deer in less time than it takes most hunters to field dress one! This guy might truly be the world’s fastest deer butcher.

However, as cool as it is to watch a speedy deer butcher at work, it is usually best to take your time and preserve every ounce of meat from the animal you worked so hard (or got so lucky) to harvest.

Hopefully you’ve been out harvesting some deer of your own this season. If not, what are you waiting for?

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Is This the World’s Fastest Deer Butcher? [VIDEO]