Is This The World's Fastest Archer? [VIDEO]

Watch this video of what could quite possibly be the world's fastest archer.

In the archery world, speed often takes a backseat to precision. Professional archers take time to line up their shots, aim true and fire an arrow towards a target.

Lars Anderson, a Danish artist and writer, has taken things in another direction, maintaining pinpoint accuracy while achieving what some would say is the most incredibly fast technique used in archery today.

Anderson's YouTube bio describes him as someone who is trying "to get back to ... original archery before today's archery [is] only focused on hitting a target." By studying the ancient and in some cases forgotten techniques of Saracen, Native American and Chinese archers, Anderson has developed an approach that's a far cry from the modern style.

Historically, archery was based on skills that required the need to shoot arrows while moving, as well as aiming at moving targets that sometimes shot back. His technique involves holding several arrows in one hand, allowing him to take rapid fire shots while off-balance or in midair.

He holds the world record for the most arrows shot into the air before the first one lands, with 11.

To get an idea of Anderson's skills, check out this amazing YouTube video:

Just think, if Anderson was out hunting, he could likely get three or four shots off at a deer before it even knew what hit it.

The instinctive technique Anderson exhibits is something any archer can appreciate.

Could Anderson's skills translate to the hunting field? What are your thoughts? 

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