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World's Biggest Falcon Checks Out a Webcam

Check out the biggest falcon you've ever seen smiling for the camera.

The white gyrfalcon is the largest known species of falcon.

And apparently, it's a photobomber, too.

The bird in the video has been photobombing, rather, videobombing, a webcam at the Churchill Northern Studies Centre in Manitoba.

For a bird that is rarely seen, it's been spotted more than a dozen times on's Northern Lights Camera. Explanations for the repeat performances range from the falcon being fascinated by its own reflection to the camera tower being a rare high spot in the area.

"It's kind of fun that at night you get the northern lights and during the day you're getting this bird," says Heidi den Haan, assistant director of the Churchill Northern Studies Centre.


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World's Biggest Falcon Checks Out a Webcam