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Who is the World's Best Hunter? Two Words: "Beast Mode"


Here's why Cameron Hanes is the world's best hunter.

Who is the best hunter in the world? This is often a subject of debate among many people, and rightfully so. How do we even begin to go about declaring such a title to just one person?TS-CalmHunt-Email

Not only that, but let's not forget the many various types of hunting. However, if we are going to be giving out an award for the world's best hunter, then we are going to have to put aside the different categories of hunting and focus only on aspects that could easily pertain to any form.

A Case for Cam

Mr. "Beast Mode" himself, Cameron Hanes, is undoubtedly the best hunter in the world.

A lot of folks know him from his YouTube channel videos, his inspirational Facebook and Twitter posts, and his amazing pictures of hunting blacktail deer on Instagram. Sure, each of you may have your opinions on him and some people may love him while others openly despise him. One thing, however, remains certain; Cameron Hanes is one hell of a hunter. Period.

Cam hails from the state of Oregon, known for its vast blacktail deer population as well as its massive elk bulls. His methods on taking game are admittedly unorthodox, and he initially saw a lot of negative criticism. But he believes strongly in training to hunt which led to his "hunter-athlete" concept.

Beast Mode in Action

His mantra of "Beast Mode" training encourages hardcore effort in the gym and on the mountain, all in systematic preparation for long hunts, deep into the wilderness. Among many in the hunting world, especially that of bow hunters, Cameron Hanes' reputation has become almost larger than life.

The guy is simply amazing with a bow in his hands.

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Cam chooses to push his body to the extreme to become what he calls, "the ultimate predator." He trains daily, has competed in 100 mile long endurance races and shoots his bow everyday. He'll usually shoot after training when his muscles and limbs are spent, which he claims helps to get him out of his comfort zone.

Persistently Precise

Cam has claimed many times that he won't leave the archery range until his shots are all perfect. There is no denying the fact that the man is truly dedicated. No matter the form of hunting, it's this kind of raw dedication to ultimate success that sets a great hunter from the average.


Adding to Cam's credibility, he has been invited on many TV shows and also published various articles over the years. He's written two books; Bowhunting Trophy Blacktail and Backcountry Bowhunting: A Guide to the Wild Side.

He is sponsored by a myriad of big name companies within the hunting industry, to include Hoyt, Cabela's, Realtree, and Under Armor. Make no mistake, these are all signs of major success when it comes to hunting, considering that it's extremely difficult to be sponsored by so many heavy-hitters.

Many talented hunters who get their name out there every now and then seldom ever find themselves in such an array of sponsorship heaven.

What this means is that people are listening to an individual and wanting to learn their secrets and adhere to their advice. Big companies pick up on this and at the end of the day each of these major industry leaders are in business to sell and make money off of their products. They typically are the deciding factors on who is best.

The Dirty Truth

It may be a sad part of hunting, but signs of talent will always equal big-time sponsorships, and Cameron Hanes certainly has the attention of us all.

A lot of people have said that Cameron Hanes has an ego problem and that his training methods are too extreme and completely unnecessary. Often times, he'll publish some of his workouts, diets, or exercises to his various social media outlets and he will generally get a lot of positive feedback.

Ultimately, he does what has worked for him and what continues to keep him sharp each consecutive hunting season.


Cameron Hanes is driven primarily off of his love of hunting trophy blacktail deer. He makes this claim throughout his various publications and has never said otherwise. His heart truly displays his love of the sport and the success is by all means purely a by-product. No one in the sport pushes themselves to success harder than Cameron Hanes does and given all of his success in the hunting industry, it clearly shows.

Love him or hate him, question his methods or embrace them, there is no doubt that Cameron Hanes is undoubtedly at the top of the game when it comes to hunting.

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Who is the World's Best Hunter? Two Words: "Beast Mode"