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WorldANGLING's Tarpon and Permit Video is a Blast from the Past

After seven years, WorldANGLING's video from the Florida Keys still holds a special place in the hearts of many anglers!

The guys at WorldANGLING never seem to let the viewer down. Great camera angles, awesome fish, and a crew that truly has a blast on the water is all viewers need to get motivated for their next fishing trip.

Whether they are jumping tarpon, dancing on the poling platform, stalking permit, or banging their fly rod over and over on the surface of the water in anger, these guys know how to make a killer video.

As you can see from this video, these guys are living the life we all wish we could. Working and spending time in places some of us only get to dream about. Over the years some of the best fishing media in the world has came out of the Florida Keys and it seems the area is still living up to its hefty reputation.

While this video does a great job in capturing the true highs and lows of what saltwater fly fishing is all about, there is still a lot that is left unseen. Be sure to follow the guys from WorldANGLING in order to keep up with other videos like this one in the future!


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WorldANGLING's Tarpon and Permit Video is a Blast from the Past