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World Record Whitetail: Archery Record Still Stands Today [PICS]

Think your deer might be a world record? Find out why this archer’s record still stands today.

Melvin Johnson is recognized by the Boone and Crockett Club as having the #4 Typical Whitetail of all time, scoring an impressive 204 4/8 inches.

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Only three bucks have surpassed his achievement in size; however, Johnson’s buck is the largest harvested with a bow… a Howett recurve bow.

In the fall of 1965, Johnson took his buck from a makeshift ground blind on the outskirts of Peoria, Illinois. After seeing the out-of-range buck on several occasions from his treestands, Johnson chose a different strategy and constructed the ground blind near the edge of a bean field.

It worked. With the wind in his favor, the buck presented Johnson with an opportunity and the archer made a well-placed shot, piercing both lungs.

After retrieving the blood-soaked fiberglass arrow, Johnson found the buck just beyond a rise in the bean field.

Johnson’s 13-point buck ultimately scored 204 4/8 inches but has other, equally impressive numbers.

The beautifully symmetric rack has an inside spread of more than 23 inches and a basal circumference of, at least, six inches on both sides. Field dressed, the deer weighed 270 pounds and was estimated to weigh 340 pounds when the arrow found its mark.

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The Pope and Young Club recognizes Johnson’s achievement as the largest buck ever harvested by an archer, a record that’s stood for nearly 50 years.

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World Record Whitetail: Archery Record Still Stands Today [PICS]