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World Record Tur Taken on Grueling Spot-and-Stalk

world record tur

Beautiful scenery and intense terrain, man seals the deal on a monster tur with his bow.

Spot-and-stalk is a popular form of bow hunting. When hunting the hills and mountains of Azerbaijan, that is about your only option with a bow. Pedro Ampuero of KIUI harvested this impressive tur after an incredible stalk.

As the video rolls, you can see the majestic scenery and the rugged terrain a hunter must battle. High hills and deep valleys make for a challenging hunt. With fog rising and settling, Pedro finally gets close and begins to make his move.

With the herd just below, Pedro eyes the enormous tur in the group.

With an incredible shot of 77 yards, Pedro makes his mark. The herd of tur bound across the mountain, and his trophy begins to slow down. 77 yards is quite the poke with a bow, but being a professional, he has practiced and feels confident at that range.

His shot is proof of that. The tur then begins to head over the hill as the fog sets in again, prolonging the search.

With a heavy blood trail, the world-record beast is found and another hunt is in the books for Mr. Ampuero.

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World Record Tur Taken on Grueling Spot-and-Stalk