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World Record Sable with a Spear (Graphic Video)

sable final

Graphic video of a world record sable being taken by a spear is something to see! Nothing quite gets the blood pumping and instincts going when an animal is a few feet from you.

Spear hunting has gotten a lot of publicity lately. Specifically, bad publicity. But the sport brings us back to our primal ancestors and the way they survived for years.

This sable hunt is an epic depiction of how amazing spear hunts can be when you have put time and effort into mastering the skill. Tim Wells’ crew quietly awaits as this monster sable moves in directly underneath Lynn Thompson of Cold Steel.

And the rest is history.

With an absolutely precise and deadly throw, the sable bounds off and the blood begins to run. A camera attached to the spear shows some very graphic footage from an incredible angle.

This video portrays just how devastating a spear can be if used correctly and ethically. The gaping hole in the vital area begins to subdue the animal almost instantly.

No surprise, the sable did not make it very far, and Lynn has one heck of a trophy and an even better story.

A short track job is a good track job.

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World Record Sable with a Spear (Graphic Video)