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Watch This Incredible World Record Free Solo Slackline [VIDEO]

Imagine being 942 feet high, towering above a rocky death below, untethered on a thin strip of fabric that moves with every step.

Most of us are familiar with slacklining in the backyard or on a college campus. Perhaps you’ve even done it at a church picnic or family reunion, but not everyone is content with walking a thin strip of fabric at an elevation of three of four feet.

There are some among us who seek for higher heights and record-breaking distances. Spencer Seabrooke is one of these.

Stretched high above the Stawamus Chief’s North Gully, Spencer transects a death defying slackline while nearly falling near the beginning.

Not everyone needs to risk life and limb to experience slacklining. Kits can be purchased at any number of places specializing in backyard recreation.

It’s just that some people’s backyards are bigger than others.

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Watch This Incredible World Record Free Solo Slackline [VIDEO]