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World Record for Largest Carp Was Just Shattered in Thailand, But It’s Not Official


British man shatters previous carp world record on a fishing trip in Thailand. 

While once only really popular in Europe, carp fishing is quickly becoming extremely popular all over the globe. While considered trash fish to most these powerful fish put up a fight that will put any angler’s skills to the test.

No one knows this better than the unofficial new world record holder for largest carp Tim Webb of Crawley, West Sussex.

Webb landed the massive 222-pound record-breaking Siamese carp while in Ban Pong, Thailand. The fish easily shattered the official world record of 150 pounds.

It was a grueling 90-minute fight that he wasn’t sure he was going to come out on top of.

“I had to fight it hard for a long time because in effect I was reeling in a small car,” Webb recounted to The Telegraph News. “There were one or two hairy moments, but I managed to bring it to the bank. I was elated, but shattered afterwards.”


Getting a picture with the beast (which took the help of two other anglers) wasn’t enough. Webb purchased his prized catch from the lake to put in his own fishery.

“Having a fish of that size generates a lot of interest,” explained Webb. “People will want to come and have a go at trying to catch it.”

It took the help of six people to load the behemoth into the back of his truck for the 25-mile trip to Webb’s 3.5-acre lake. He did not disclose how much the fish cost him, but I would presume quite a pretty penny.

The real question is what did he use to entice a carp that large to bite his line? Nothing special really. Just a simple mixture of bread and bran rice.

Unfortunately Webb’s catch will remain an unofficial record. The International Game Fish Association had to decline it because it was caught in a stocked lake.

Even though that is disappointing, Webb seems to be alright with it.

“It’s an amazing feeling to reel in a fish that is well over the world record,” said Webb. “It was amazing to actually take it away with me and put in in my own lake.”


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World Record for Largest Carp Was Just Shattered in Thailand, But It’s Not Official