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World Record Explosive Detonation: 600-Pounds of Binary X

World Record Explosive Detonation

With one shot a new World Record Explosive Detonation goes off and is a tremendous success you'll want to see. 

This month started off with a bang as the guys from ArmsList set off a new world record explosive detonation of 600-pounds of Binary X explosives. With the 600-pounds of Binary X coming from USA Chemical Supply and the Stone Mountain Machine Gun range all prepped and ready, the shot was fired and the results were astounding.

It's absolutely amazing how much power that explosion has. ArmsList reported that a house over 1 mile away from the explosion site suffered a cracked ceiling and photos being blown off the wall. Take that both for the amazing feat that it is and as a safety warning that if you are planning on attempting anything like this, please make sure you plan and have plenty of distance between the explosion and any buildings.

What makes the explosion even more impressive is the fact that it was in no way contained. This is simply what the powder sitting on flat ground does. If it were to be contained in a building or structure where pressure were allowed to build up we can only imagine what the damage from the blast would be.

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World Record Explosive Detonation: 600-Pounds of Binary X