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World Record Elk Killed by Crossbow Confirmed for Wyoming Man

Star Tribune

A world record elk was recently harvested in Wyoming with a crossbow. 

On Sept. 17 2014, Albert Henderson was on the fifth day of elk hunting on public lands near Dubois in the Shoshone National Forest. One member of his group had already tagged a bull earlier in the day and Henderson was not expecting to fill his tag.

But he was wrong.

Henderson, an avid hunter from Wyoming, ended up shooting the new world record elk harvested with a crossbow. It was in the afternoon and he was watching another bull and cow when this monster appeared. At 61 yards, he used his cow call and the bull stop. Henderson shot. The elk took off and run 140 yards before he dropped dead.

Not only was it a world record elk, but the bull was harvested on a general tag on public lands. Henderson wasn’t planning on hunting on the public grounds, let alone shooting a world record elk. He had hoped to draw a tag for the Meeteetse area, but instead ended up with the general tag.

elk 2
Star Tribune

According to the Boone and Crockett scoring system, which combines all harvests regardless of weaponry, Henderson’s elk scored 408 and is in the top five percent of all elk. The Safari Club International, which has individual scoring systems for firearms, bows, and crossbows, said it was the largest elk ever killed by a crossbow and scored the bull at 426.5 points.

His second elk with a crossbow, Henderson decided to have his world record elk made into a full shoulder mount. From chest to antler tip is six and a half feet, while the rack spans four feet wide. But it may be a while before he has to find a place for it. The mount has spent the last few months at sportsmen’s stores and banquets and is expected to be part of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundations 2016 tour.

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World Record Elk Killed by Crossbow Confirmed for Wyoming Man