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The World is Ending, What Firearms Should You Have in Your Safe? [VIDEO]


Here are some of the top firearms for defending your life and liberty in just about any scenario.

It is something no one likes to think about, but it becomes a growing possibility everyday in the United States. You wake up one morning only to find the nation has fallen under attack, or some other natural or man-made disaster has struck, forcing you to have to defend yourself and your family.

The only question is, what firearms would you use to do it?

The YouTube channel IraqVeteran8888 is a very popular channel run by ex-military and combat veterans. They are most popularly known for beating the crap out of weapons to see when or if they have a breaking point.

In one of their latest videos they take things to a more serious note on protecting yourself, your family, and your country if the time ever arises. They break down the top five guns they would want in a civilian combat scenario.

I really like how they choose from their personal assortment of firearms and not grabbing the best ones they could get off the market. The fact that they are ex-military and these are what they personally own really makes you rethink what you would grab heading out the door.

While you don’t have to have some of the expensive weapons these guys have purchased and modified, I feel that every American that is capable should have a firearm in their home. In today’s troubled times you never know when it could save you or someone you care about’s life.

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The World is Ending, What Firearms Should You Have in Your Safe? [VIDEO]