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World-Class Whitetail Taken in Iowa [VIDEO]

Trophy Pursuit

This mammoth whitetail is a once-in-a-lifetime harvest. 

The Trophy Pursuit team recently filmed the harvest of this monster whitetail buck, which they believe could be one of the biggest typical whitetails ever killed on video.

Cameraman Derek Wilson was behind the lens when his friend Joe took the impressive buck using a muzzleloader rifle.

Some trail camera pictures of the amazing buck. Photo via Trophy Pursuit

We don’t have many details about where or when the hunt occurred. Some commenters on Trophy Pursuit’s Facebook page wrote the harvest was not a high-fence deer.

“Not a high fence buck!” wrote Chad Scandrett on Facebook. “I know the guy who owned this property for the last few years and just sold it within the last few months.”

Scandrett added that the property is somewhere in Clarion County, Iowa.

The Trophy Pursuit team invited Glen Salow, an official scorer for the Boone & Crockett Club, to measure the deer.

“I’ve never seen a deer bigger than this, especially the carcass,” said Salow.

Salow measuring the monster rack. Photo via Trophy Pursuit

Salow gave the typical whitetail buck a gross score of 258 7/8. There’s no word yet on the net score.

“Total mass was 36 6/8 on the right side and 27 5/8 on the left side for a total of 64 3/8,” Salow wrote on Facebook.

The Boone & Crockett Club congratulated the hunters  and addressed the scoring on their Facebook page on Thursday afternoon.

“While this was a green score and the antlers must dry 60 days at a habitable room temperature before and official measurement can be completed, there are fewer than 35 non-typicals from Iowa that have ever exceeded a score of 234.”

The largest typical whitetail of all time had a net score of 213 5/8.



Trophy Pursuit will reveal more details and footage of the hunt soon, according to their website. For now, it seems the team is still in awe of the monster buck.

“We just feel blessed to even be able to see a deer like this,” the Trophy Pursuit team wrote on their website.

The Trophy Pursuit team poses with the rack. Photo via Trophy Pursuit

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World-Class Whitetail Taken in Iowa [VIDEO]