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World-Class Elk Poached Now Part of Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Tour

Pennsylvania Game Commission

This world-class elk will be used in hunting ethics education courses for the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.

A monster bull elk poached in Pennsylvania in 2014 will now be put on public display and used to educate about the importance of big game laws.

The 10x9 bull was poached in a killing spree by three men in Clearfield County in September 2014. The elk grossed an amazing 460 1/8 Boone and Crockett and was one of three bulls killed by the poachers that night. A wildlife conservation officer staking out the area caught the poachers red-handed.

The three pled guilty and were hit with fines of $39,000 and jail time in the incident. Now the shoulder-mounted bull will be a part of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation's Great Elk Tour for the next year before returning to Pennsylvania Game Commission.

"While it's a shame to lose an animal of this quality to a senseless, unlawful act, from a conservation perspective, this is a case to be proud of," said Game Commission Executive Director R. Matthew Hough in a press release. "It shows the dedication of our officers, who often work overnight into the next morning to catch poachers in the act. It shows the resolve of our justice system to take these cases seriously."

The Pennsylvania Game Commission, along with the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, hopes to use the elk in education about Pennsylvania's excellent elk herd and hunting ethics.

"Featuring the Pennsylvania bull among the six Great Elk Tour mounts gives us the opportunity to talk about the importance of legal, ethical hunting and its vital link to our conservation," said Mark Holyoak, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation's director of communication.

Anyone from Pennsylvania wanting to see the spectacular elk before it goes further on tour had better hurry. The bull is on display at the Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg through February 14.

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World-Class Elk Poached Now Part of Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Tour