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World-Class Buck Taken in South Texas [PICS]

Lone Star Outdoor News

This free-range buck is one of the most impressive deer taken in Texas this year.

Hunter Larry Bartek took the deer on his 300-acre property in Astacosa County near San Antonio. Bartek, 69, said he first saw the buck on his property last year.

“I knew he was on my place and I hunted him almost every day since the beginning of the season,” Bartek told Lone Star Outdoor News. “Yesterday morning, I had six does and a yearling behind the feeder and one of the does began to get really nervous. Then she crouched down and I thought, ‘it’s either a pig or a buck.’ Well, I’ll be, here he came.”

Bartek said the deer didn’t offer up a shot on its first pass through his firing lane, but when it came by a second time he managed to fire off a perfect shot. “I hate to wound a deer,” said Bartek. “So to shoot this buck perfectly was important. There was no ground shrinkage.”

The deer was given a Boone & Crockett final score of 224 7/8 nontypical. The buck has an impressive mainframe 12-point with two large drop tines.

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World-Class Buck Taken in South Texas [PICS]